IFGA Blue Guppies

I had my first blue’s when I restarted my guppy hobby in 2007 with South Jersey Guppy Group, in one of the monthly meetings, a trio of IFGA Blues from Stan Shubel line was being auctioned, I have always liked blue guppies and their counterpart HB Blue guppies. I bought the trio for about 35 dollars and brought home,so with that my love for “BLUES” started, they were beautiful fish, I had only 5 tanks at that time, had drops from them and dabbled around them a bit,  I never continued with them as I got side tracked to other guppy colors, but somewhere in my head, I always wanted to raise blues at some point, as they “if you love something dearly, god finds a way to give it to you”, so around 2016, I started getting blue’s from my purple line (the purple line had originally come out of my HB purple line, which I had got from Stan few years back and had fairly stabilized them), so started the journey of my current blue strain, I currently maintain 2 lines of Blue, one for color and shape and other for purely size. I cross them once in about every 4 generations and I also use them in my crosses to HB Blues. Blues are very competitive strain in IFGA and lot of breeders raise them, normally in shows the number of entries can vary anywhere from 20 to 30 fish currently, if raised to the IFGA standards, they are beautiful fish to look at and majestic in appearance. Stan Shubel, Jim Alderson names come to mind of great IFGA breeders who have won Blue Class many times. IFGA blues also tend to large bodied fish in most cases, particularly females influencing the size. Again as with purples, the things to note for in blues are not to allow them to become too dark and avoid dorsal getting black, so it is important to maintain 2 lines at the minimum for varied characteristics, they also can be crossed to purples, when crossing you have to watch that colors don’t get too dark. Also in purples and blues in general for the fish to do well in shows, the iridescence in the fish is very important, so when you breed take note of that, otherwise you will end up with some flat looking blues. I still have lot of work to do with my lines, but I am enjoying my “BLUES”

Some pictures and videos of my blue’s




Young Blue Male
3 month old blue males
Blue male about 5 and half months
3 month old males
About 6 months old Blue Male


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